Why PUSH ?

Powerful & adaptable Broadcasting

Maximising Engagement using Curated Scheduling, Multi-Programming, Cross-Platform Publisher Network Distribution, and Live Clip Creation.
Our Approach to Live Streaming

Why PUSH ?

Hello we are PUSH

PUSH has provided live streaming consultancy & production services for Sports, FMCG, Fashion and Music clients globally. We enable brands and rights holders to successfully deliver effective broadcasting strategies for live campaigns, from OTT to wide spread social distribution, all managed from a centralised platform.

Supercharged Event Distribution

Multi-programming involves streaming a continuous full scheduled stream on selected social channels whilst simultaneously broadcasting as individual programmes to others.

Multi-programming strategies allow you to broadcast content to targeted audiences whilst adhering to specific viewing nuances of individual social platforms. i.e Long form content to Youtube & Facebook - short form to twitter & instagram.

Owned & Earned Media Channels

Broadcast across your owned social channels and build a network of partners to maximise earned media engagement and tap into new audiences.

Maximise reach and engagement across all social channels to include Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter.

Content Curation & Media Insertion

Film additional content such as interviews or use pre-recorded content to be included in the live broadcast. Auto-append any pre & post roll video content you may wish to use on your distributed programme schedule.

Incorporate overlaying graphics to brand the broadcast or trigger time based on-screen messaging and relevant call to actions.

Alternative Branded Streams

Stream alternative branded versions ( logos, lower thirds, messaging etc) from the same source content when broadcasted on partners social channels. Trigger alternative messaging for selected platforms, fan pages or distribution end points.

Live Clipping

We create highlight clips from any input source to share natively on socials or export for download. Clips can be created on upload, live or post event to fit promotional requirements.

Clips are powerful tools to boost engagement surrounding an event and are used to allow clients social teams to promote the live or on-demand broadcasts as immediate bite size snippets of content.

About PUSH

We've helped to enable rights holders, broadcasters & brands extract maximum value from live events & social video through our proprietary broadcast technology.

PUSH enables cloud based video production, editing and distribution with live stream management, real-time content editing, instant social publishing and content management.

We support a 360 degree service or provide selected areas of expertise such as creative, filming, design or streaming consultancy.