Projects using PUSH

Example projects that use the unique functionality of a cloud-based control room to create bespoke and successful Live streams using PUSH.
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Cloud Based Master Control Room

This was the first time production company FabriQ had used a cloud master control room as a centralised operation to distribute all their digital content.

[Multiple Filmed Locations]
Only FabriQ film crews were located at the 4 separate locations over 8 days that included The Hague, Utrecht, Apeldoorn, and Rotterdam. A skeleton crew of a single PUSH operator based in Hague with a remote operator monitoring from London.

[Curated programming from 4 live feeds]
Film crews sent a continuous live feed from each separate location directly to a central location at The Hague with the 4 video signals being sent to the PUSH console.

Continuous feeds where then split into a total of 100+ programmes and distributed accordingly to various destinations from multiple platforms and social channels to the outdoor screens of participating train stations.

[Full Control of Distributed Content]
Complete control, consistent quality, ease of use and having the option to individually brand the outputted video content.

[Instant Export for Performance Analysis]
Team management and coaches were able to be presented instantly with the individual match play for competitive analysis after a heat had ended.

Multi Stage Broadcast - 356 Distributed streams

Strong social video strategy from Q-dance for a month-long video campaign surrounding the 3-day Defqon.1 Festival. Festival filming production provided by NEP.

[Pre-event warm Up]
4 weekly studio live streams to promote the upcoming festival at the Q-dance studio.

[Huge Video Streaming Schedule]
Multi-stage - 3 day - 70+ DJs streamed live to 340 distributed outputs from 3 continuous Live feeds.

[Limited On-demand availablity]
5 days for on-demand streams on all social pages & channels to take advantage of the post live event on-demand numbers.

[Live Clipping & Overlaying Graphics]
Use of creating short form clips for additional social promotion such as Twitter & Instagram. Automatic lower 3rd graphics appended on all performing artists streams.

[TV Broadcast]
Edited footage for final use on Dutch Television aired 2 weeks later.

[Distribution Removal]
All distributions removed after 5 days. PUSH gave complete control for allowing for the removal of all Live distributions from participating social pages and channels without having to ask for publishers admin privileges.

A combination of pre-event and the festival stream hit in excess of 4 Million Views across all social distributions. 2016 results with the traditional way of live streaming saw only 900K .

Recorded Video LIVE

The launch of the new Gorillaz album was promoted as a recorded video streamed LIVE with 24 hours of on-demand viewership.

[Filmed & edited]
Recorded live in Tokyo, the Gorillaz performance was filmed live and edited 2 days before being streamed live to multiple audiences.

[Upload & Automatically Stream]
Remote operators set up the project days in advance giving plenty of time for publishers to use our PUSH LINKS distribution console to stream to their selected socials. The project was given a time and date to stream before waiting for the upload of the final edited video.

[Multi-Publisher Channels & Pages]
Offical band channels and affiliated publishers streamed the content live to numerous youtube and facebook social channels.

[Limited On-Demand Viewing]
The promotion for the live streamed broadcast saw a limited 24 hours availability before being deleted from all distributions from a single trigger in the PUSH console.

Over 1.5 Million video views within 24 Hours.

Remote Live Stream Operation

The Adidas Y-3 SPRING/ SUMMER 2019 catwalk show from Paris was live streamed to multiple socials with two different scheduled programmes. The Live stream was remotely controlled from London.

[Alternative Programming]
From a single live feed, PUSH created two scheduled programme streams. A continuous stream to Youtube which captured the audience taking their seats with multiple publishers on facebook broadcasting from the very start of the catwalk show.

[Remote Stream Operation]
The show was filmed and vision mixed at the location in Paris with the Livestream being controlled and distributed remotely from London as the event happened.

Live Clip Creation

Two-day event with multiple artists for FACT Mag for the Berlin Atonal Day 2018 - Full-length multiple streams to various social platforms with short-form live video clips created in the console for additional social promotions.

[Twitter & Instagram]
Short form live clips were additionally created as the live feeds came into the PUSH console. Clips were automatically tweeted to Twitter accounts and in conjunction with our export facility were uploaded to relevant Instagram accounts.

[Live & Post Event Clip Creation]
The PUSH console archives and saves all live streams allowing post-event creation and editing of video clips for the promotion of the distributed on-demand live broadcast on additional socials.

Alternative Programming & Distribution

Mulitple Dj's from a single event feed, split into individual programmes that can be scheduled and distributed to multiple social channels, pages, and platforms.

[Alternative Programming]
A single event feed is split into individual scheduled programmes that are streamed to numerous publisher social channels and pages. A continuous uninterrupted stream of the event is broadcast on Youtube, Twitch, and VK whilst participating publishers simultaneously stream individual programmes to their respective facebook or youtube channels.

[Unlimited amount of Distributions]
Using our unique PUSH Links console Boiler Room are able to share to as many publisher socials as required. Ballantines sponsored events stream to all their FB territories as well as affiliated publishers. The number of distributions ranges from 90 - 170 dependent on the global event.

[Auto appended Pre & Post Roll video]
Each event and the relevant programme is appended with a pre-roll video intro and used in combination with our unique timeshifting functionality allows for seamless, professional and pinpoint introductions to their live streams.

Boiler Room and Ballantine's collaboration results in an average of 2 Million + video views per global event stream. An effective video streaming strategy using unique PUSH functionality and features.

Time Shifted Broadcasting

A complicated project involving a low upload connection, drones and the compliance request of Paris authorities requiring a 15 minute delay to the broadcast for security reasons.

[Low Upload Connection]
To allow HD content to reach online audiences our software allowed the required amount of data to be fed into our system to ensure that online audiences received the highest quality of video to view the historic event.

[Time Shifted Broadcast]
The event was only able to take place if the streaming technology used was able to delay the broadcast for security reasons by 15 minutes. The delay benefited both the allotted fly time of drones and the ability to deliver HD video over a low internet connection from a remote location.

Over 1.5 million views through both Facebook and Instagram Live. The footage captured was then additionally used two weeks later for a Beats by Dre promotional #AboveTheNoise campaign.

Multi-location Live Broadcast

Simplify a complex and unique live event broadcast. Syndicated numerous alternative live broadcasts to numerous publisher social channels.

Curated broadcasting schedules from 4 streamed locations per day and distributed using multi-branded video overlays for publishers social channels.

[Multiple Broadcast Programming]
Four remote stages were fed into the PUSH console to create alternative programming schedules which were then streamed live to numerous publishers social channels including venue locations in Berlin, Tokyo, and Jamaica.

[Monitoring & Scheduling]
Monitored and controlled streams adjusting to start and end times and changes in the program schedule. All schedule modifications were made in real time and were reflected on all connected streaming affiliates broadcasts.

[Auto Pre & Post Roll Video]
Individual broadcasts from Boiler Room's curated schedule appended pre and post-roll video to live content. A pre-recorded introductory video, ending on a brand/sponsor message.

[Complete Broadcast Control]
Streaming publishers had the ability to control the scheduled content they wanted to stream and to which preferred social platform to broadcast to.

[Live Clip Creator]
Pivotal moments from the two-day event were selected and used for creating a highlights reel as well as Instagram and other social promotional short form content.

Millions of views allowed new audiences to explore, discover and experience this landmark event through multiple brand channels, programming schedules, and social video platforms.

Political Talk - Twitter Live stream

Streaming live on both Twitter and Facebook, Jo Coburn (BBC Daily Politics) moderates a political discussion surrounding the impact of Brexit on the Creative Industries.

[Auto Appended Pre & Post Roll Video]
The political talk seamlessly used PUSH's auto appended video on all the relevant distributions. A branded introductory video with a closing promotional message as a call to action to carry on the discussion further on Twitter.

[Time Triggered Graphic Overlays]
The live stream took advantage of our graphic overlays providing lower 3rds for panelists Ed Vaizey MP, Liam Byrne MP and Manick Govinda.

[Exported Video for BBC]
The clean feed of the discussion was later to be shown on the BBC's Daily Politics show.

Studio Live Streams

Popular Afrojack Radio Show taking to the air and live streaming from the heart of the Tomorrowland festival with Radio538.

[Pre roll video insertion]
PUSH's auto Pre-Roll video asset insertion that allows for seamless intros on live streams. Used in conjunction with our unique time-shifting functionality operators are able to choose the relevant time to start broadcasting.

[Remote Control & Operation]
A simple two camera shoot, vision mixed at the location and remotely controlled and distributed from London.