Multiple Brand Templates

Alternative Outputs for Different Brands


    A single video source can have different branding for sponsors, partners, affiliates etc. using multiple brand templates in the console.

    Overlays can have different layouts for each template. A text field can show the same information in different ways for each output. No need to have different operators for each of your outputs, trigger the overlay once, and the layout will determine how the overlay will look for each of your templates.

    Each publisher can append alternative pre & post roll video automatically to their distributions on multiple social platforms. Push allows publishers the ability to package the same streamed content with their own promotional messaging relevant to their own audiences.

Graphical Overlays

Brand your Broadcasts

  1. Logo & Bugs

    Simply upload and set a logo to be on-screen for the duration of your broadcast, or set logo branding to be visible on chosen programs.
  2. Time Specific Overlays

    Trigger title cards, information windows and other graphics at specific times within your broadcast. Select from built-in animation transitions how you would like to present your information.
  3. Text Fields

    Create overlays with text fields to create title cards on-the-fly without needing to export as individual images from Photoshop.
  4. Animation Styles

    Upload flat graphics and choose from numerous pre built animation styles to present your overlays. Choose the amount of time they are on screen and re-edit during live to correct any mistakes.
  5. Call to Actions

    Time specific graphic overlays are a great way to present 'call to actions', promote up and coming promotional needs and create bespoke messaging to viewing audiences.
  6. Multiple Branded Templates

    Upload multiple brand assets and tailor each brand template with alternative animation styles and graphical information for each desired output destination.