Schedule & Distribute

Distribute Recorded Video Live

  1. Schedule & Go Live Everywhere

    Upload pre-recorded or archived video, schedule a time and date and let PUSH do the rest. Allow publishers to stream your content simultaneously to their own social channels by simply sending them an invite link.
  2. Create a Program Schedule

    Curate and schedule multiple sources of video content to play out as one continuous stream or as multiple programs. Prepare and fine tune your broadcast in advance without the pressures of being in a live production environment.
  3. Apply Overlaying Graphics

    Overlay branded graphics to promote up and coming events or promotions. Give a new context to your video archive. Use multiple templates to brand your broadcast for different publishers.
  4. Create Short Form Video Clips

    Use the PUSH 'Clip Creator' to select and share short form video for additional promotional posts on other social platforms.
  5. Schedule into Live Event Streams

    Upload pre recorded video to build on your live event programming. Produce professional productions by incorporating pre-recorded interviews or additional video content.
  6. 24-7 Streaming

    If your archive content is significant enough then schedule and stream out for as long as you wish to be live. Alternatively 're-loop' content to play at high audience engagement times.

Top & Tail Live Content

Auto Pre & Post Roll Video

  1. Intros & Outros

    Uploaded recorded content to be auto-appended into your live content programs. Use as branded intros or content related short form content to produce professional styled programming.
  2. Publishers & Alternative Content

    Allow alternative pre and post roll video to be auto-appended to live content on relevant distributions. Allow publishers to append content to their streams relevant to their audiences. Select alternative video content to append on different program distributions.
  3. Increase On-Demand Engagement

    Break through the noise on social news feeds by applying stand out content to increase click through and engagement.