Syndicated Live Content

Simplifying Distribution at Scale

  1. Unlimited Destinations

    Simultaneously stream to multiple publisher channels & platforms - Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Twitch, Daily Motion and any RTMP output.
  2. Social Account Access

    No need to be granted permissions on publisher accounts. Publishers login using their own social admin details to broadcast to their channels.
  3. Automatic Go Live

    Set & Forget - no manual assistance for live publishing. All channels simultaneously ‘go live’ at the start of the chosen distributed broadcast.
  4. PUSH Link

    Distribution made simple, quick and immediate. Publishers select programs to broadcast, create custom post messages and click ‘OK’
  5. Control for Broadcaster & Publishers

    Both broadcaster & publishers in control of distributions. The ability to edit distributed posts, cancel or remove a broadcast before, during or after Live.
  6. Alternative Branded Outputs

    Allow publishers to stream their own branded video outputs to their channels.

Distributing & Scheduling Programs

Multiple Programs from Single Streams

  1. Event Schedule

    Perfect for any event that would logically be split into multiple parts (e.g. Talks, Festivals, etc).
  2. Event Streams

    An event can be streamed as a continuous feed to each publish point (such as a YouTube channel). Programs can be streamed to their own YouTube video so content can be published during the event without having to end the main stream.
  3. Program Streams

    Each program can be streamed as a self contained program to different publish points (e.g A speakers Facebook Page), including pre-roll and post-roll video to top and tail the stream.
  4. Interval and Slates

    Easily insert intervals into your stream to create a holding area for viewers between programs (e.g. while a stage is prepared for the next Speaker or Band).
  5. Event Timeline - EPG

    To keep your viewers informed about your event's schedule, we can render an event timeline into your outputs similar to a Electronic Program Guide. This information will automatically update if you change start and end times in your schedule from the control room.

Proven Higher Engagement Rates

Multi-Programme Distribution

Upload Connection

Automatic Stream Monitoring

  1. No More Broken Streams

    PUSH automatically monitors source streams for connectivity. In the event that the source stream goes down (such as an upload issue), a custom holding screen will be presented to viewers ensuring the streams do not go down.
  2. Counting down to LIVE

    Before an event starts, PUSH can generate a holding screen (with custom audio) to create a holding area before an event starts.

    Once the precise start time is known the holding screen will change from an estimated start time, to a countdown timer.

    If your event starts later than planned, then viewers will be notified of the delay.
  3. Intervals

    If there is a break between programs, PUSH presents a holding screen to viewers (much like the pre-event countdown) informing viewers of the estimated start of the next program.

Live & Archived Video

24/7 Brand Channel

  1. Schedule Recorded & Live Video

    Create a 24/7 ‘always-on’ video channel using a combination of archived video content, recently recorded video & live events.
  2. Promotional Feedback Loop

    Promote selected programs by syndicating to multiple publishers social channels. Brand your distributions using auto inserted pre & post roll video. Distribute programs numerous times a day providing a feedback loop to your 24/7 live channel.
  3. Brand messaging on 'Dead Air'

    Use a branded holding slide for when content is not scheduled. Give audiences information such as when the next program will start or use for promoting up and coming events.
  4. Overlay Graphics

    Trigger tailored promotions with overlaying graphics in advance or as live reactionary call to actions during a broadcast. Allow your archived video content to become 'current'.
  5. Live Clip Creator

    Use digestible short form video clips to promote broadcasts. Create within the console in advance or in the reactionary environment of a live event. Create multi-branded overlays to personalise your message and share.
  6. Real Time Data Analytics

    Identify your most popular channels, influencers and syndication partners. View analytical reporting on your channel with aggregated viewing numbers across multiple distribution platforms.