The Benefits of a Master Control

Methods of Live Streaming

  1. Traditional Point to Point

    The most common and traditional method of live streaming takes your content from a venue and delivers it directly to a streaming partner.

    Point to point however is prone to connection failures and limited bandwidth resulting in a reduced set of streaming destinations.
  2. Physical Master Control Room

    Professional streaming services typically use a centralised location where the content arrives before being forwarded to the desired destinations. Operators in these locations will often add overlaying graphics and normalise audio for broadcast.

    An MCR requires expensive hardware, specialist knowledge, and infrastructure requiring large amounts of bandwidth with multiple encoders to deliver professional streams to numerous destinations.
  3. PUSH

    PUSH runs in the cloud with bandwidth and computational resources effectively unlimited. It provides stronger levels of redundancy and scalability without the costs associated with a traditional master control room infrastructure.

    You can operate your broadcasts from anywhere, distribute simultaneously to hundreds of publishers, control your content, and multi-brand your live streams.

A Growing Appetite for Live Video

Why Live Stream using PUSH?

  1. Generates Larger Audiences

    Stream to your own channels and grow audiences by allowing as many publishers as you require to simultaneously 'Go Live' with your content.

    Control and distribute your content in real time to an unlimited amount of publishers.

    PUSH simplifies the complexities and control of live video distribution.
  2. Shared Experiences

    Live streaming creates a sense of urgency to your content. Scheduling and playing out in real time allows for an authentic conversation with viewers. It heightens the sense of unity and shared experiences by bringing audiences together at a specific time and place. Your message can be control and reactionary to an instant global audience.
  3. Live Video is Prioritised

    Social platforms have invested heavily in live video and prioritise this type of content over any other. More powerful than 'sharing' posts, by increasing your publisher channels and social pages streaming your video content the higher the engagement, reach and instant social notifications.
  4. Blanket all Approach

    Gone are the days of single entry points to view your content. Syndicated distribution of your live video content is the most effective way to generate engagement and viewership. By streaming to 50+ social pages simultaneously your content is accessible everywhere and to audiences not affiliated with your own social channels.
  5. Increased Audience Targeting

    Stream Live then use 'Paid Views' to build upon your initial organic reach of the Live stream. By having numerous published videos it allows for increased audience targeting strategies using on-demand content post live broadcast.

Live Events, Promotion, Experiential

Types of Live Streamed Content

  1. Adopters of Live Streaming

    Production Companies, Live Streaming Companies, PR Agencies, Music Venues, Festival Promotors, Music Industry Management, Event Coordinators, E-Sport Promoters, Television Studios, Brand Agencies, Social Communities/Platforms, Magazine Publishers, Creative Studios, Broadcasters, Content Distributors, Digital Publishers and Media Agencies
  2. Types of Live Content

    Fashion Shows, Music & Festivals, E-Sports, Sports, Food & Drink, TV Commercial Premieres, Conferences, Seminars & Talks, Award Shows, Science & Technology, Movie/Television Press Junkets, PR Campaigns, Live News Reporting, Internal Business Comms, YouTube Celebrities/ Influencers shows, Behind the Scenes, Interactive Broadcasts - Live Q&A’s, Celebrities Interviews & Character Reveals, Product Launches, Experiential Brand Events, Point-to-Point (ie streaming to multiple cinema locations)