Audio Filters

Precision Audio Control

  1. Audio Filters

    Audio filters can be applied to a source stream at specific points in the broadcast. Use time-shifting to get ahead changes happening on site, to ensure your broadcast is at the correct volume and perfectly in sync.
  2. Gain Control / EQ

    Use the pre-amp to add up to 12db of gain to increase the volume of your broadcast. Make use of a more detailed Equaliser apply gain to specific frequencies.
  3. Audio Synchronisation

    Digital video equipment can often add various amounts of delay to the video signal. In order to compensate and for these delays it is typical to add delay to delay to audio as well. Push allows you to add up to 500 milliseconds of audio delay (in 20 ms increments).
  4. Mono Filter

    The mono filter allows broadcasters to take a feed that only has audio on one channel (left or right) and balance the audio across both channels.
  5. Invert Filter

    Sometimes an incorrectly wired audio cable can destroy a stream, finding the offending cable can be difficult. The invert filter will reverse the polarity of one of the audio channels, correcting for the badly wired cable.

Video Filters

Brightness, Contrast, Hue & Saturation

  1. Grade your Video

    Compensate for poor lighting conditions, boost low light conditions, enhance colour and correct mistakes and deliver your video as intended.
  2. Stylise your Output

    Give your video a specific look and feel, play with saturation and colour hues and use in combination with 'Graphic Overlays' to achieve a truly unique style.
  3. Time Based Filter Control

    Choose either to grade the entire video or select specific moments within the stream where either correction is required or you need to apply filters on specific segments within your broadcast.

Profanity Filters

Censor Profanity before broadcast

  1. Protect your Brand

    Trigger a bleep, silence or custom audio sound to replace swear words before they are broadcast.
  2. Overlay Audio

    Similar to triggering a graphical overlay, profanity filters will mute the audio during the offending portion. Optionally Push can add a standard bleep, or custom sound to replace the portion the was silenced.
  3. Types of Audio Censorship

    PUSH audio filters can also be used in situations such as the use of copyright music content that may compromise your broadcast.