2018 European Championships

Beach Volleyball

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2018 European Championships


PUSH worked with production company FabriQ, enabling them, for the first time, to use a cloud master control room as a centralised operation to distribute all their digital content.

Film crews were located at the 4 separate locations over 8 days of the event, including The Hague, Utrecht, Apeldoorn, and Rotterdam. A skeleton crew of a single PUSH operator was based in The Hague with a remote operator monitoring from London.

Mass live distribution to television and digital channels

PUSH enabled curated programming from four live feeds. Film crews sent a continuous live feed from each separate location directly to a central location at The Hague with the 4 video signals being sent to the PUSH console. Continuous feeds where then split into a total of 100+ programmes and distributed accordingly to various destinations from multiple platforms and social channels to the outdoor screens of participating train stations.

And, adding value to the sporting experience, real-time team management and coaches were presented instantly with the individual match play clips for competitive analysis after a heat had ended.